Speed & Heavy Bags 

  • Boxing Heavy Bags

    The boxing heavy bags help the boxer or the boxeuse one to improve its power and its physical shape. There is much different characteristic between each Leone heavy bags.
    That you had a boxing gym or that you involve yourselves on your home, you will find your happiness in our Leone selection.
    Theheavy bags, initially used for the power are also used more and more to work the speed of the boxer. Work with the heaby bag will make it possible to gain force but also to work its speed and its leg movement.
    The boxing Leone 1947 heavy bags,  will make a beautiful effect on your home or in your boxing gym

  • Punching Ball & Double hand ball

    Punching Ball & Double hand ball

  • Jump Rope

    Jump Rope

  • Wall-fixed Bag

    Wall-fixed Bag

  • Swivel Leone 1947

    Stainless steel with professional mechanical sealed bearing and quick lighting.
    Leone 1947 swivel mounting required for your gear bulb!
    Compatible with all speed pears and other punching balls.

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Showing 1 - 2 of 2 items
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