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    Vale Tudo Short

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    MMA & Val Tudo Shorts

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  • Boxing short

    Discover our beautiful selection of English boxing shorts

    Train and compete in style and comfort with authentic Leone 1947 boxing shorts!
    As well for girls, women, children, juniors as for men the many models of English boxing shorts will seduce you.
    We offer our English boxing shorts in red, blue and black. From size XS to size XXL to suit all boxing boxers.
    Boxing shorts are ideal for both training and fighting. The color codes are respected for the English boxing competitions.

    The Leone 1947 boxer shorts have a waistband that provides maximum comfort and a perfect fit without restricting movement.
    Materials of your choice between satin and polyester, allowing the boxing boxer to be comfortable in his movements as well in attacks as in defenses.

    Some of our boxing shorts are short and others longer (below the knees), making it possible to seduce the greatest number of boxer and find his proper style.

    With our 1947 Leone 1947 boxing shorts, you will find shoes on your toes and have a great style on boxing rings.
    You will stand out from your competitors and may even if you wish to have a custom boxing shorts.
    Indeed, if you send us your logo in good quality, we can put it on your shorts with techniques like flocking, embroidery, sublimation or silkscreen to allow you to have your own custom boxing shorts .

  • Thaï short

    At Barbarians Fight Wear, we are proud to distribute throughout France, Alsace and Strasbourg the Italian brand Leone 1947, existing for more than 70 years.
    We offer several styles of short kick boxing. There is something for all ages: children with comic strip patterns, juniors, teens, adults, men and women.
    We have women's boxing trunks designed for female boxers with an elegant fit and perfectly adapted to the boxers' morphology.
    The cuts of our kickboxing shorts or trunks will also seduce the greatest number: long, short, flared or open. Our short kickboxing shorts are available in satin or polyester. All our models are available in several colors.
    Our Thai boxing shorts and kick boxing will surely appeal to all boxers in use during training, boxing galas, fights or regional, national or international competitions.
    Our Thai boxing shorts and / or kickboxing shorts are elegant and at the same time unique, such as those designed by professional boxers themselves such as Giorgio Petrosyan's.
    Many are made entirely in Thailand with the utmost care and quality.
    The high quality of the non-slip elastic belts of our kickboxing shorts allow the boxers a good hold and a great freedom of movement even in the most intense phases of a training or a fight.
    Our kickboxing shorts are also easily customizable allowing to affix the logo of the club or the first name of the boxer for a good communication.
    We have nice Thai boxing shorts and kickboxing shorts, with comic book miniatures for kids or more classic ones in black, red, green, camouflage, blue white, maori or gray.
    Our boxing short sizes also go from size XS to size XXL to allow all boxers to find their happiness.
    Our short kick boxing will be ideal for kick boxers but also for all other boxers practicing other disciplines such as K1, grappling, sanda, Chinese boxing or Thai boxing.

    Train hard, hit harder with maximum comfort and flexibility in our Leone 1947 breathable and fluid competition boxing shorts.
    Our combat kick boxing shorts are made with lightweight microfiber fabric that will allow you to train and fight with comfort and ease, keeping perspiration and keeping you cool and dry even during the most intense workouts. difficult.

    Excellent quality of Thai boxing shorts, kickboxing shorts , muay Thai & Kickboxing Trunks

  • Trousers & Shorts

    Trousers & Shorts

  • Full contact & Kick boxing trousers

    Kick boxing trousers and full contact trousers for a foolproof performance during your workouts and boxing matches.

    You will find a nice range of kickboxing pants on our boxing store Strasbourg BARBARIANS FIGHT WEAR.
    These pants from the famous Italian brand Leone 1947 have been specially designed for those of you who participate in different kickboxing disciplines.

    They are made from breathable materials and very comfortable and lightweight.
    The kick boxing pants will perfectly follow your kick techniques without any embarrassment.
    It will provide great freedom of movement and allow the fighter to wear comfortably as well during an intense training as during a kickboxing fight or full contact.
    Our kick boxing clothes are recommended for kickboxing, full contact and for those who get into the ring.
    The fit of our kick boxing pants is just fantastic.
    The full contact and kickboxing pants are specially designed for kickboxing, full contact design and for a variety of martial arts with modern designs.
    The Italian flag on the left side of the pants will seduce the Italians for sure.
    Ideal "also to come and go in your boxing gym.
    Our kick boxing pants are made from satin
    Our full contact trousers are available in blue and black and in large sizes (from S to XL) to meet the needs of men, women and children. Indeed our women's full contact trousers are perfect for experienced boxers!
    No matter if you are a very experienced fighter or an amateur or recreational boxer, we have the ideal kickboxing equipment and clothing.

    You will inevitably find a product you will like among our wide selection of products from Leone 1947.
    You can rest assured of the unbeatable value and exceptional quality of each product in our BARBARIANS FIGHT WEAR online store.

  • Compression Legging

    Compression Legging

  • Shoes & MMA Tong

    Barbarians Fight Wear provides a wide range of boxing shoes from the famous Italian boxing brand Leone 1947.
    We understand that you are looking for well-designed boxing shoes that support your foot and ankle.
    Whether you fight regularly in competition or training, the selection we have will leave you spoiled for choice.
    We offer a wide selection of styles of boxing shoe, with sizes ranging from size 36 to size 47 !!!
    Our boxing shoes will seduce both juniors and children with small sizes as boxers with our models of boxing shoe and well-kept boxers up to size 47.
    Our flagship boxing shoe is the famous boxing shoe made in Italy for over half a century. 100% handcrafted and buffalo leather this boxing shoe in white or black color will definitely appeal to boxing lovers.
    This boxing shoe represents the experience, the tradition and the knowledge of the trade.
    His leather style and very high quality also attracts many riders who use them in their artistic performances.
    We have high boxing shoe styles (the traditional cut of the boxing shoe), medium and low (with a modern look and super nice). Low shoes can be used as boxing shoes during boxers' training.

    The boxing shoes that we propose will suit you as well for the regular training or intensive as during the fights, competitions or gala.
    The quality of our boxing shoes will allow you to feel comfortable inside while ensuring protection of your ankles by maintaining them properly during important rotations.
    Our boxing shoes are lightweight and have on some openings allowing the evacuation of perspiration.

    So stay alert on your feet and do not get shot, with our boxing shoes.
    Our boxing shoes will help you better train, prepare and fight better.
    Our range of boxing shoe very well placed in terms of value for money, to ensure you have a leg up on your opponent.
    So do not hesitate and discover our women's boxing shoes, our boxing shoes, our boxing shoes and our French boxing shoes on our site Barbarians fight wear located in Alsace, Strasbourg.

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