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    Woman - Kids 

    Woman - Kids

    • Kids / Young

      Leone 1947 has just launched its brand new children's boxing collection "Ramon" born from LABoxe Leone 1947 research and development laboratory.
      The brand has created a comic dedicated to young boxers with several protagonists belonging to the young team Leone 1947: Katy, Leonard and Ramon.
      Each to his specialty:
      Katy loves challenges. She practices kickboxing. So you can find his short kick boxing child to his effigy.
      Her child boxing shorts with her new line and cut will also seduce Thai boxers with Thai boxing shorts.
      The shorts are made of satin. The logo of the brand is embroidered. It is available in two colors: white or red. Child kick boxing shorts are available from 4 or 5 years old.
      Kids will love the comic-striped look of this child boxing shorts
      For older kids who do not want a childish design, you can also find trendy shorts with the famous junior boxing shorts designed and designed by our famous fighter GIorgio Petrosyan. Indeed, we offer this junior boxing shorts from size XS in red or black color.
      These shorts are made in Thailand with the utmost care and the highest quality of fabric. It presents a cut and line super nice, elegant, unique and trendy with its opening on the side. Also worn in children's boxing shorts and Thai boxing shorts.
      For sure you will find your happiness among our large selection of children's boxing shorts with size XS.

      But the exclusive Leone Toon's team collection dedicated to the smallest fighters does not stop only to the child boxing shorts and the junior boxing shorts.
      Indeed, with his protagonist Leonard who dreams of becoming an English boxing champion, the Leone brand has created a child boxing glove.
      You can find the character of the comic on the boxing glove for children. Your child's boxing partners will be jealous for sure !!
      The design of the boxing glove for children and its graphic full of colors will allow your child to improve his learning, his movements and his memorization in the automatisms of the children.
      This child boxing glove has been reinforced on its fist for maximum safety of the hands and wrists. This Leonard boxing glove is available in 6 oz.
      Barbarians Fight Wear also offers other children's boxing gloves. With black colors, blistering and camouflage you will surely find your happiness.
      We also have pink boxing glove. But our boxing glove girl are also camouflage or black. During training or competitions, you will definitely feel with our boxing glove.
      Our gloves can be used for all disciplines: boxing french child | kickboxing child | Thai boxing child | English boxing

      And for your enjoyment, we offer boxing glove 4 oz. Indeed, it is difficult to find such a small glove 4 oz. The ones we propose are black.
      The 4 oz boxing glove is also very popular for photo shoots. You will not be able to resist seeing your little ones wearing these 4 oz gloves.

      About our child boxing shoes, our sizes start at size 36. Our child boxing shoes are made for over 100 years in Italy by experienced craftsmen.
      100% leather, the child boxing shoes are very comfortable to wear and can be chosen between two colors: black and white.

      Our boxing child helmet with cheekbones and chin guard provide the greatest protection for young boxers. Black color with velcro and laces to adjust at best the child boxing helmet at the size of the fighters.
      For juniors, they will be able to choose adult helmets in size S with red and blue colors. Colors generally required during competitions.
      The Leone 1947 child's boxing helmet, with or without cheekbones, in red, blue or black, matches all boxers and all boxing disciplines.


    • Women

      When selecting women's boxing gloves, you have three main considerations. First, size is important to ensure a comfortable fit that minimizes the risk of injury to the hands and fingers. The boxing glove woman also come in different weights, ranging from 8 to 20 ounces. The lightweight woman boxing glove is generally used by professionals and during boxing fights and the heavier ones having thicker padding are used during training and for sparring (to avoid hurting her / his partner).
      Remember that women's boxing gloves are offered only in small (6 oz, 8 oz, 10 oz M, 10 oz), medium (12 oz), large (14 oz) and extra large (16 oe, 18 oz) . It is not too difficult to choose the best size. Opt for a boxing glove woman who is a little too tight, rather than those who are a little too loose, because the boxing glove girl will stretch a little after use. Do not forget to use the boxing band for the protection of the joints of the hands
      At Barbarians Fight Wear, Strasbourg boxing store, you'll find the best boxing gloves for women or for your club, including high-end women's boxing glove from the Leone 1947 brand. Available in a range of colors, sizes, sizes and colors. adjustments and different styles. We offer women's leather and PU boxing glove, with molded foam padding for comfort, and velcro wrist closures for added convenience. They are perfect for boxing during training and during fights but also during bear paw sessions.
      Check out our women's boxing glove guide to know the size of the gloves you need.

      Find on our site Barbarians Fight Wear, martial arts store Strasbourg a wide selection of women's boxing shin protectors. On the Internet, there are a number of very good comments about Thai boxing shin guards but they are all aimed at men ...

      As a woman it is more complicated to find advice on girl-specific muay thai shin guards.

      Indeed, we must find the boxing shin protector that will be effective for the practice of his discipline namely:
      Thai thai shin guards
      Tibay muay tha protector
      Shoot protector kick boxing
      French Boxing Shin Protege
      Shin foot protector
      Protective shin boxing child
      Indeed, it is difficult to find boxing shin pads that go well, while offering the protection that the different disciplines demand.
      Indeed, we can find two types of boxing shin protectors: shin guards and shin guards
      The first sock shin protector fits like a sock or sleeve around your legs while the muay thai shin protector with strap attaches with velcro strips around the calves
      Everyone has their own advantages and weaknesses ...
      The sock shin pads are comfortable and usually stay in place, which means they do not move or slip after each blockage. But they are a bit difficult to put on and often offer less thick protection than these strap-on counterparts.
      The thai shingled thai boxing with straps are easier to put on and usually offer more padding than the protected shin sock. But if they do not fit well, they move and move more easily, forcing you to adjust them often and cause skin abrasions.
      It is therefore very important to look carefully at our different models of women's tibia boxing and do not hesitate to ask us questions before buying. We are both boxers (Marie-Pierre and Michel), coaches and competitors and will be able to guide you on your purchase of boxing shin protectors.

      To protect yourself from low hits during the boxing training and in the ring, during the battles, invest in our boxing shell woman Leone 1947. You will find on our site Barbarians Fight Wear, boxing store Strasbourg shell protection woman designed for the comfort with foam padding and elastic straps at the legs and sides. Our women's shells have met the high standards of CE approval. Our shell woman available in small, medium or large will meet the requirements of each boxer.

      Come and discover on our Barbarians Fight Wear website our beautiful boxing outfit. Whether you are practicing kick boxing, Thai boxing, boxing, English boxing, you will find your happiness on our site with the brand Leone 1947. Indeed, our boxing outfit, are available in several colors: red, blue, black, purple, pink. Our women's boxing apparel, are also available in several sizes to satisfy all female morphologies.
      We are also making a difference compared to other boxing brands with our beautiful line of boxing woman. We have a wide choice with the approved colors in boxing. In the ring, you will make the difference with our boxing woman outfit.
      Our boxing shorts for the practice of kick boxing, Thai boxing, MMA, sanda will also satisfy you. Many cuts are proposed. Discover without further delay our short kick boxing woman.

      Find on our site Barbarians Fight Wear all the equipment boxing french woman: glove of boxing, protected shin boxing, protege boxing woman, shell woman. We have everything you need for boxing except outfits for the moment.
      Speaking of French boxing, do not forget the shoes.
      We offer very beautiful pairs of women's boxing shoes. Available in several colors, white and black, our boxing shoes woman will surely satisfy you. Ranging from shoes made in Italy to total leather to more classic and affordable women's boxing shoes you will find your happiness. Our sizes are also available from shoe size 36, which suits the little feet of boxers.

      Our boxing chest protectors provide women with vital protection for breasts, ribs and sternum. They are an essential piece of equipment for all women who do contact sports, not just boxing. If you need help or have questions about chest protector boxing, feel free to contact Marie-Pierre ANSTETT at Barbarians Fight Wear. Boxer and competitor (French champion Kick Boxing, K1 & Sanda), she will advise you and give you good advice regarding the choice and use of Leone 1947 brand boxing chest protector.

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