In order to choose the best glove for you, we have to analyze some facts:


This term was introduced by the ancient Greeks, who, having a system based on duodecimal, indicated by this term a minimum size corresponding to one twelfth
of a unit. The ounce, which is denoted by the symbol OZ is still used in the United States. One ounce is one-sixteenth (1/16) of pound in which the pound is 453.59 grams. Then 1 ounce is equivalent to 28.35 grams

1 oz = 28.35 g

8 oz = 226.80 g

10 oz = 283.50 g

12 oz = 340.20 g

14 oz = 396.90 g

16 oz = 453.60 g

LEONE gloves have a weight range from 6 to 18 Onces (OZ), depending from the weight division and the purpose of use.
Unlike other brands, our gloves increase their fitting size depending on the different ounces in order to adapt to bigger hands, for the best comfort.
Generally, 6 OZ gloves are used for young practitioners (juniors), 8-10 OZ gloves are used for competitions, for women and during pads sessions with the coach, while 12-18 OZ are used for sparring in the gym.
The bigger gloves are safer because they have a wider surface and impact area.
This allows the maximum dispersion of the strikes power thus protecting the practitioners.

 10 oz M. 10M OZ size is designed for women and young boys. The weight of the glove is 10 OZ (283,5g), but dimensions are smaller than usual 10 ounces.


Once set the weight, it’s important to evaluate the frequency and the type of workout that you want to do, to find the best gloves’ model.

    • REGULAR USE  For beginners who start the practice of ring sports and for everybody wants to train with moderate frequency. [1-2 TIMES A WEEK]
    • INTENSIVE USE  For the experienced athlete who trains constantly. [3-4 TIMES A WEEK]
  • PROFESSIONAL USE  For the competitor, the professional fighter and anyone is looking for maximum performance during the daily training. [5-7 TIMES A WEEK]


GENUINE LEATHER   gloves are softer and very resistant, perfect for everybody is looking for high quality and long-lasting products. It’s the favorite choice of the most expert fighters who train intensively.

SYNTHETIC LEATHER  gloves represent the best compromise between quality and price. Recommended to beginners who start the practice of ring sports or train with moderate frequency

Important : these information and tips are purely indicative. In any case, we suggest you to consult your trainer who will be able to select the most suitable model to you

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