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1947 - 2017

"The Orlando Leone sci, born in 1914, is part of those men who immediately after the war, they rolled up their sleeves and have helped to resurrect Italy after such an exhausting conflict and bloody, as cruel and absurd as he had left one wake of dead and ruins. When the nightmare is over, the Italians find it immediately pride and the desire to rise again.

The Leone family manages one leather goods where it packs women's handbags, in Milan in via Crema, in the Porta Romana area. In 1947, he had the intuition to open the production in a sector like sport and it is the winning bet.
After a first football experience, coming to propose their own balls to the two Milanese teams, with the inter- valist Valentin Angelillo, one of the three "dirty-faced angels" from Argentina, and two others were Humberto Maschio and Omar Sivori, to propose soccer and fantasy, as a potential sponsor, focuses on boxing, passion youth of the owner, along with the lyric.

On the first front it begins to produce what is needed by the boxer, in practice he wears it, from the head (helmet) at the feet (shoes), focusing particularly on the gloves, the main "weapon" of the discipline.

The second hobby completes it marrying Miss Assunta Savona, in art "Tina", a good quality soprano, who has become Signora Leone.

We are at the end of the 40s and the following decade has the task of giving body to the hopes of realizing those dreams that were missed because of the war.
Orlando Leone, still has time to enjoy the other pearl of the his activity. On June 18, 1965, sold out, this time at Vigorelli, the ancient structure inaugurated in 1935 that alternates battles in the ring, to the cycling challenges along the magic ring, field of battle for the two-wheeled artists, in the unforgettable "Six days" and in the speed races with Maspes and Gaiardoni to enchant millions of  Italians.

On the occasion the focus of the attention is turned to a comparison worthy of the challenges between Bartali and Coppi.

The punches are replaced by pedal strokes. Nino Benvenuti and Sandro Mazzinghi are in absolute antithesis. Adonis blond the Istrian-Trieste, physically sculpted in marble, elegant and powerful, lovable conversationalist, born for boxing, predestined to success since the beginning.

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